ARTS3090: Media & Art (Post 7)

Art is media, and media is art. We’ve come a long way from the days of oil paintings and Picasso’s “Weeping woman”. That’s not to say that traditional forms of artwork are outdated, but the realm of art has definitely progressed and expanded and we now have a new dynamism of art, new artforms, interactive art, digital art, animated art and electronic forms of art. New media art differs in its aesthetics to traditional art forms because it is more largely to do with sensation. Less focus is given to the artist and the physical artwork, rather there is more focus on the interactivity of the media as an aesthetic form.

“Although humanity is now an integral part of almost all life’s interlocking cultural and biophysical ecologies, our collective history of ecological sustainment is bleak. We have a deeply ingrained perceptive image of ourselves as lording over, rather than interacting within, our worlds. Our long history of dominance and oppression of ‘the other’ parallels our history of dominance and oppression of biophysical systems. “, writes Keith Armstrong (Armstrong, 2005). New media art represents a new media ecology where we interact with our worlds through responding to sensation and graphics. We are no longer “oppressing” the “other”.

A fascinating example of a new media artwork is this video from Alexander Lauterwasser’s documentary called “Water sound images”. He researches the effect of vibration and sound and how they create form. The results are beautiful. The sound frequencies animate small samples of water, and fine rhythmic shapes appear. The structures of these shapes look like some from the natural world, such as sea creatures, sea shells and galaxies.


Armstrong, Keith (2005) ‘Intimate Transactions: The Evolution of an Ecosophical Networked Practice’, the Fibreculture Journal 7, <>


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